6 Days and a New Logan Hottie for Hump Day

You know, the guy I posted as Logan’s look-alike last Wednesday never grabbed me as OMG THAT’S LOGAN!! He’s close, but not a perfect lickness (I mean to type likeness, but I’m keeping that typo…). So of course, after I publicly post pictures of him, I have an OMG THAT’S LOGAN moment a few days later, when the lovely Tammy S. posts a collage of THIS guy on my Facebook wall.

Logan 1

Now this. This is what Logan looks like. And he even plays guitar. It has a couple of extra strings, but who can count when he’s gazing at you?

Logan 2

And he actually smiles! Logan’s flirty, perfect smile.

Logan 3

Sexy, confident, athletic, and a little silly. Okay, a LOT silly. That’s Logan.

Logan silly

Too bad he’s missing the tattoos, but we’ll forgive him. Who couldn’t forgive this smile?

Logan 4

Or this ass. DAYAM!

Logan 5If you need to do more ogling, his real name is Cole Monahan. And the reason he is my OMG THAT’S LOGAN is only partially due to his looks. You can tell he has a sparkling personality. That is why he won me over. Not because he has a great ass.

Okay, it’s partially because he has a great ass.

So when you read about Logan biting his lip and staring into Toni’s (your) eyes, um, here’s a visual…

Logan 6

And oh yeah, this:

Day 6