1 Day Until Insider Releases

Day 1

We’ve almost made it! Tomorrow is release day. And today is Music Monday. So I need to finish the playlist!

#13 Face Everything and Rise by Papa Roach

Toni’s empowerment song. The woman needs a vote of confidence. Oh and the getaway car in this video is my Challenger. Except there is no way in hell a couple of motorcycles could catch that beast. Did dude run out of gas or what?

#14 Die for You by Otherwise

From Toni to Logan. And vice versa.

#15 Mayhem by Halestorm

This could be Logan’s theme song. Or an anthem for Toni as she comes out of her shell.

#16 Halo by Starset

From Logan to Toni. Perfect song for them.

#17 Fallen by Volbeat

This song is about losing your father. When Toni lost her father, it shaped her entire future.

#18 You Are the Light – Nine Lashes

This song is from Toni to Logan.

#19 Miscellanea  by 10 Years

I just love this song. Well and it starts “I set the mood that tingles in you”. Sounds like something Logan would say.

#20 Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold

This song is for Susan Brennan–a secondary character. It will make more sense once you read the book. It also has an awesome bass line. So be sure to listen to Nightmare with headphones on and the bass turned up. And Logan is a bass player, so I’m sure he’d appreciate it too.

I hope you enjoy the playlist and I hope you enjoy the book even more.

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