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I’ve been so busy with life and writing Outsider (Trey once again demands all my attention) that I’ve had no time to pester you all with promotion of Treat Me, but I do want those dedicated to the series to know about its release on Sunday. And maybe tempt some new readers into trying something outside the box. Because Sole Regret is basically one ENORMOUS band saga told from the POVs of a dozen characters over the span of fifteen books. We’re at the halfway point now—book 8.

Shit just got real. ♥

We’ve been building toward the twist at the end of this book for about 1000 pages now. Have you seen it coming all along? Will it surprise the hell out of you? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But we won’t have to wait long. Just two more days! Where does the time go…

When my editor finished this book—she LOVED it, by the way, it’s her favorite of the series (mine, too *grin*)—she said I needed a little girl of my own. Why else would I write Julie with such affection? Shade/Jacob’s four-year-old daughter steals the show when she’s on the page, so I figured I’d share an excerpt starring Jacob’s little princess. And her DILF.


Excerpt from Treat Me (One Night with Sole Regret 8) Chapter 6

by Olivia Cunning © 2015 (All rights reserved)

Scrunching low in the driver seat of her car, she approached Jacob’s drive cautiously, just in case Tina was still there. Amanda was fully prepared to speed on by without stopping, even though it was unlikely that Tina had hung around for any length of time. Amanda wouldn’t have been surprised if Tina had deposited Julie in the driveway and tossed her bag at her feet before speeding off to her spa appointment.

Finding Jacob’s drive empty of gigantic German-engineered SUVs, Amanda pulled in and parked under a shade tree. What excuse would she use if Tina just happened to drive by and saw her car parked in Jacob’s driveway? She supposed she could claim that Jacob needed help caring for Julie, but that was a lie and Tina would use such a claim as ammunition against him.

Leaving her presumptuous overnight bag in the trunk, Amanda scurried toward the front door and rang the doorbell.

“Is that my surprise?” she heard Julie squeal inside the house.

“It’s not a great surprise,” Jacob said on the opposite side of the closed door.

Gee, thanks, Jacob. Amanda chuckled to herself.

“What is it?” Julie asked.

“It’s not a what, it’s a who.” Jacob opened the door, and Amanda didn’t know which of the pair made her heart swell with more emotion: the gorgeous dark-haired, blue-eyed, muscled hunk who was currently wearing sparkly blue fairy wings on his back or the adorable blond four-year-old who had no doubt convinced him to wear them.

“Aunt Mander!”

“Surprise!” Amanda said. She held out her arms for an exuberant hug, lifting Julie off the ground and into her arms, getting several kisses on the cheek for her effort.

“This is a great surprise, Daddy,” Julie said. “I love my Aunt Mander.” She bestowed more kisses on Amanda.

“And I love my Julie Bean,” Amanda said, giving her a squeeze. “Can I come to the zoo with you and your daddy today?”

“Yes! I was waiting so long for my surprise so we can leave.”

Amanda supposed an hour felt like an eternity to a young child.

“Did you have breakfast?” Jacob asked Amanda.

“Daddy made me pancakes and they look like butterflies.”

Amanda grinned at Jacob, who appeared rather flushed. “He did?” When Julie nodded, Amanda asked, “Did they taste like butterflies?”

Julie crinkled up her nose. “No, silly. They taste like pancakes. You can have some. He cooked about a hundred of them.”

“You said you were hungry,” Jacob said.

Amanda set Julie on her feet, and the girl skipped into the house toward the kitchen.

Jacob leaned close and whispered in her ear, “You look beautiful.”

She turned her head to offer her thanks and found their lips a hair’s breadth apart. She leaned into him, her hand on his waist, wishing his T-shirt would disappear so she could touch his bare skin. A deep longing curled in her belly.

“Daddy! Where’s the butter?”

Jacob jerked away and spun on his heel. “Don’t go near the stove,” he warned as he hurried toward the kitchen, his bouncing fairy wings slightly askew.

Grinning to herself, Amanda trailed after him, feeling lewd for admiring a fairy’s ass. But who could blame her? She found the pair in the kitchen. Julie was kneeling on a stool at the breakfast bar and arranging butterfly-shaped pancakes—well, they were pretty much blob-shaped, but she was certain Julie was too sweet to criticize her father’s creations—on a plate. Jacob stood beside her, a steadying hand at her back.

“How many do you want?” Julie asked.

“Just two,” Amanda said. These two specifically, even though she knew she could never have the Silverton pair to herself. Even if a relationship worked out with Jacob, Julie was Tina’s daughter and she always would be, no matter how much Amanda adored her.


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