Music Monday – Emotionless

So I’m really loving this new song by Red Sun Rising called “Emotionless”.

After a few listens, I started paying more attention to the lyrics and got this “Possum Kingdom” vibe from the song. Probably the whole “rot away to nothing” part.

I wouldn’t take it as far as the disturbingly awesome A7X song “A Little Piece of Heaven”, but there is definitely dead-woman obsession theme going on here.

Or so I thought. I later read somewhere that “Emotionless” is about a dream the band’s lead singer had where a woman was just lying on a bed motionless and emotionless, until she faded away. Or something like that. Don’t quote me. But it does make me feel a bit less squeamish about the lyrics. Just say “no” to necrophilia. Haha! Though I do love all three of these songs…

Have an awesome Monday! And check out Red Sun Rising!