Music Monday – Paranoia

I missed a bunch of Music Mondays recently. I’ve been impossibly busy. Mom had radiation therapy for a full week last month–they found lung cancer in a CTscan they did when she was being released after her emergency heart valve replacement surgery early this year. Then I had a book signing, which always derails my routine. Then it was the 4th of July holiday weekend. Now I have a horrible case of poison ivy on my right arm from wrist to armpit. Yay! *sarcasm* I declare 2016 as the suckiest year in my history. Hope your 2016 is going better than mine.

Anyway, enough complaining. I feel like I need something hard and heavy this Monday to pull me out of my funk. A Day to Remember’s “Paranoia” it is…

Love it! Especially the riff. The full album comes out in August, so check it out.

Reagan’s book “Outsider” is almost finished. I’m hoping to type “The End” next week. Yes! Finally! And only 5 months later than I’d hoped. Better late than never, I guess. So now I’m approaching every song I hear as potential playlist material. And I’ve got some good ones already. Can’t wait to share them on the Mondays to come.

Have a great week! I hope to be around more often from now on. Of course I hoped that before being punched directly in the face with my Mom’s cancer diagnosis, so if I’m scarce, it isn’t because I don’t love you all. 2016 is out to get me.

Perhaps I have a bit of “Paranoia”. Ha!