Music Monday – Is There Anybody Out There?

Is it really Monday already? I hope you had a great weekend. I hacked down more brush on my property. I remember thinking having a three-acre yard would be fun. Uh… not so much. I got behind in my yard work when my life derailed this spring, but like with my writing I’m finally making headway. And still scratching at this poison ivy rash on my arm. Stupid weeds!

Mondays require music. Loud, heavy music.

Machine Head has a new single out called “Is There Anybody Out There?” and it’s a total ear worm. I can’t get the chorus out of my head. And the riff rocks.

Last week, I said that “Outsider” is almost finished. And it’s still almost finished. Soooo close. Ten pages left. Maybe. I do think it will be done this week. Now that I’ve figured out the ending, it’s all clicking into place. I still have one sticky plot point giving me fits, but the solution should come to me soon. I hope. I have to say it feels good to have my life back on track enough to write almost everyday. I do take Saturdays off for my sanity’s sake! And for yard work.

Have a great week!