12 Nights Until Outsider Releases


It’s time to start counting down the nights until Trey’s hot little ass is in your hands again.

Since I last posted, Outsider became available for preorder in Paperback and on Apple iBooks.

Pre-order here:
Paperback → http://amzn.to/2cddibn
Amazon US → http://amzn.to/2aZ5s4D
Amazon UK → https://goo.gl/jNwnk4
B&N → http://goo.gl/JkiwgC
Kobo → https://goo.gl/U0qc6s
Apple →https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1145096353

We also have a release date for the audio version: November 29th. I’ve had a lot of people ask about the audiobook release.

I’ve been working on the playlist for months and finally finished it yesterday, so I’ll be sharing the songs for the next few days. I hope you enjoy them all as much as I do.

Outsider’s Theme Song
“Here’s to the Heartache” by Nothing More
Love the song (and everything by Nothing More), but the message is spot on. All the heartache and mistakes leading up to finding your perfect place in the world and true love is worth it. So here’s to the heartache.

Reagan’s Theme Song
“Drop Dead Cynical” by Amaranthe
A couple of things make this Reagan’s song. She’s going through some major challenges and they’re bringing her down, making her cynical. But also because this band has a threesome of singers: a woman and two men (one softer/one hardcore). The riff also reminds me of her energy. So yeah. Perfect.

Ethan’s Theme Song
“Running with Giants” by Thousand Foot Krutch
Ethan’s surrounded by the giants of the rock and roll world and the lyrics to this song represent him well. You’ll get to know him a lot better in Outsider than you did in Double Time.

Trey’s Theme Song
“Hologram” by Crown the Empire
I had a challenging time finding a song for Trey. He’s always been open about who he is, but often feels like others don’t get him. So when I ran across this song yesterday and listened to the lyrics, I knew I’d found the right fit. Plus. Awesome song.

More of the playlist will be coming up later in the week along with some teasers and excerpts and a hottie or two to hump.