10 Nights Until Outsider Releases


Only 10 more nights until Outsider is yours. This evening we have a sneak preview. An excerpt in Ethan’s POV. Hope you enjoy it!


From Outsider, Chapter One by Olivia Cunning ©2016

ETHAN STOOD in the wings, his attention riveted to the man putting every ounce of his soul into the guitar strings beneath his fingertips. He’d never tire of watching Trey play live. He was, however, already tired of watching him lean up against Brian Sinclair’s back as they played one of their dueling solos. Ethan knew the intimate solos were part of their act. He knew seeing the two guitarists touch familiarly made the women go wild. He also knew that Trey had once been in love with Brian. What Ethan didn’t know was whether he’d ever completely take Brian’s place in Trey’s heart.
Ethan didn’t take a breath until the solo ended and the two guitarists pushed off each other’s backs to separate to opposite sides of the stage.
“Sometimes I wish I was Brian,” Reagan said with a pronounced sigh.
Ethan knew that feeling all too well.
“I love playing for Max,” she said. “For a rhythm guitarist, he does some intricate fret work. But there’s something about Brian’s sound that works itself under your skin, you know?”
Brian had definitely worked his way under Ethan’s skin, but not in a good way. It wasn’t that Ethan didn’t like the guy; he actually understood why Trey had been hung up on him for so many years. But Brian had had Trey first—heart, body, and soul. And he still held part of Trey. He’d likely always have part of Trey. While Ethan had no problem sharing Trey with Reagan, sharing him with Brian Sinclair was another matter entirely.
“And to have that kind of connection with another guitarist?” Reagan continued. “It’s magic.”
“Maybe you and Trey should start your own band,” Ethan said, crossing his arms over his chest and drumming his fingertips against one tense biceps.
Reagan laughed. “Like Trey would leave Sinners for me. Yeah, right.”
“He might if you asked.”
Reagan gnawed on her lip as she watched the man in question perform on stage. “I’d never ask it of him. He’s exactly where he belongs.”
“And what about where you belong?”
Reagan shrugged. “I’m doing okay with Exodus End for now.”
But he knew she didn’t feel like she truly belonged with the group. In her mind, no matter how much the band showed her she’d been accepted into their fold, she was an outsider. She’d likely always see herself that way, even if they decided to keep her indefinitely.
“What comes after Exodus End?” Ethan asked.
She shrugged. “I’m assuming something less spectacular than what I have already, so I’m not in any rush to move on.”
Perhaps not, but he was sure she wanted a band to call her own.
“What’s next for you, Ethan?” she asked, brushing briefly against his arm. She insisted that they couldn’t publicly flaunt their relationship. Not when the public knew she was dating Trey. If they thought she was a cheater, she’d be raked across the coals, but if they ever found out that she was in a polyamorous relationship with two men, they’d destroy her. Ethan would never allow that happen. So as much as he longed to let the world know she was his, he gave her plenty of space when they were before prying eyes.
“Wherever you are, that’s where I want to be,” he said.
She glanced up and met his eyes, a dopey look of affection on her lovely face. He resisted the urge to kiss her. He’d save it for later.
After the encore, Trey jogged offstage and traded his guitar for a small towel to wipe the sweat off his face. Ethan longed to push him up against the nearest wall and take everything he currently wanted from him, but that would be far worse than someone catching him with Reagan. So Ethan offered Trey a curt nod and shoved his balled fists into the pockets of his slacks. While Reagan brought out a protective, caring side of Ethan, Trey unleashed his inner beast. The combination was heady. Exciting. Erotic. And in Ethan’s mind, perfect.


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