7 Nights Until Outsider Releases


One more week! I have a little excerpt from Reagan’s POV. Reagan starts this book out with a bang (literally), so I skipped ahead in Chapter 2 just a bit so your screen didn’t catch fire. I lose more electronic devices that way. Enjoy!

From Outsider by Olivia Cunning ©2016

Chapter Two

Reagan leaned over the bed and kissed Ethan’s lips. He opened sleepy brown eyes and squinted at her.
“If you need anything,” she said, “call or text. I’ll have my phone with me.” She followed Ethan’s gaze to the industrial-size tub of lube on the nightstand.
“Trey will probably run me out of lube by tonight. Better pick up another gallon or two.”
Trey slapped him half-heartedly on the arm. “You’re the one that goes through so much of the stuff.”
“You should be thanking me.”
“My ass thanks you,” Trey said. “My dick doesn’t get to use it often enough, however.”
“I let you fuck me,” Ethan protested.
Trey rolled his eyes, looking irresistible enough to lick. “Rarely.”
“Are you complaining about being in the middle? You weren’t complaining an hour ago.”
Trey worried his tongue piercing with his teeth for a long moment.
“Reagan?” he said finally, squirming his ass against Ethan’s hip. “Would you mind picking up another gallon or two of lube? I think E’s going to need it.”
Reagan chuckled and stretched across Ethan to kiss Trey’s temple. “I’m sure I’m the only woman in the world who has to listen to arguments about her boyfriends’ use of lube.”
“Aren’t you lucky?” Ethan asked, doing something to Trey under the covers that made him gasp with excitement.
“Hey, don’t wear him out,” Reagan said. “I get to be in the middle tonight.”