2 Nights Until Outsider Releases

outsider-countdown-02I feel Trey has been a little left out as we countdown to Outsider’s release, so tonight we have an excerpt from the naughty cherry-loving imp with the pierced tongue.


From Outsider, Chapter Three by Olivia Cunning ©2016

Trey buried his face in the sleeping baby’s neck and inhaled deeply. He wasn’t sure what it was about the scent of baby powder that made him feel so at peace with the world, but he could lie there on the bed with little Malcolm sleeping on his chest for hours. He pressed a kiss to the soft fluffy black hair of the perfect human Brian had created with his loving wife and rubbed the baby’s back while Malcolm slumbered, completely unaware of how cruel the world could be. It didn’t bother Trey that the reason he was babysitting his godson was so Brian could fuck Myrna senseless. Well, didn’t bother him much. He supposed new parents needed alone time more than anyone.

Ethan came out of the bathroom rubbing a towel over his short black hair. Steam from his shower billowed through the open door behind him. He stopped when his gaze landed on Trey.

“Now isn’t this homey?” he said with a twisted smile, before scanning the room. “Didn’t I hear Reagan come in?”

“She took one look at this precious baby and ran off to help that nerdy chick find something to wear after the concert.”

At the sound of Trey’s voice, Malcolm stirred, shoving a tiny fist into his mouth and sucking. Within seconds, he went still again, relaxing against Trey’s chest.

“You’d like one of those of your own, wouldn’t you?” Ethan asked, nodding toward Malcolm.

“Hell no,” he said, but his swelling heart didn’t agree. “This is enough baby time for me.”

Ethan sat on the edge of the bed next to Trey and gently stroked the soft fluff covering the baby’s head. Malcolm’s hair always stood on end no matter how much any of them tried to flatten it.

“He sure is cute,” Ethan said.

“He looks like his father.” Trey grinned down at Malcolm’s adorable sleeping face, which resembled Brian’s a little more every day.

Ethan’s hand went still on Malcolm’s head and he stood, going to an open suitcase for a shirt.

“Reagan doesn’t want kids,” Ethan said.

The hard edge to his voice made Trey squint at his broad back. Had he said something to offend him?

“I know,” Trey said quietly so he wouldn’t disturb his sleeping godson. “We don’t have any business bringing a child into the world. Not when we’re involved in such a complicated relationship.”

“I’m not stepping aside so you and Reagan can play house.” Ethan’s motions as he jerked his shirt on over his head made Trey think he was angry. Or upset. But getting Ethan to talk about his feelings was damned near impossible.

“No one asked you to step aside. I’m one hundred percent committed to both of you. Aren’t you happy?”

“Yeah,” Ethan said gruffly as he strode across the room, disappearing into the suite’s living room.

“I think something’s bothering him,” Trey said to Malcolm, who gave the fist in his mouth a few sucks before going still again. “Can I lay you in your basinet while I try to get him to talk to me?” Trey inched toward the edge of the bed and slowly rose to a sitting position. Malcolm’s face twisted in displeasure, and he released a loud cry of protest. Trey sighed in resignation and reclined back into the nest of pillows, patting Malcolm’s diaper to get him to settle again.

“Ethan,” Trey called. “Can you come here for a sec?”

After a moment, the tall dark hunk appeared in the doorframe. “What?”

“I think we need to talk—”

Ethan’s strong jaw hardened. “Later. I have somewhere I need to be right now.”


Ethan’s gaze flicked down to the baby cradled against Trey’s chest. “Somewhere.” He turned away.

When the suite’s door banged shut a moment later, Trey took a deep breath and released it in a frustrated huff. He slapped around the side table trying to get a hand on his cellphone without disturbing Malcolm. Finding it, he did his best to send a call with one hand. He could use some advice, and there was only one person he trusted to shoot completely straight with him.

“What do you want?” Dare answered, trying to sound annoyed, but Trey could hear the smile in his big brother’s voice.

“I’m babysitting.”


“Everyone’s deserted me. Come keep me company.”

Dare chuckled softly. “You never could stand to be alone.”


Dare get’s plenty of page time in this book too. Love me some Dare Mills.

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