Hotties on the Beach (HHD 166)

Last week I was wearing a coat and today it’s so hot I wish Illinois was closer than 800 miles from the nearest ocean. So I guess I’ll just have to satisfy my craving for the beach with some hotties.

Hottie 166a

Wish I was gazing out at the waves with this hottie.

Hottie 166b

This poor hottie needs my assistance with a towel. He’s all wet.

Hottie 166c

I’m sure this hottie has sand in places he’d rather not. I’m very helpful, you know. *wink

Well, that idea didn’t work. Now I want to go to the beach more than ever. sigh…

Have a Happy Hump Day, and if you get to spend it at the beach, dip your toes in the surf once for me.