Sole Regret Playlists – Jacob’s 2nd

May 30th is fast approaching and Kellen’s 2nd book, Treasure Me, will be out in the world.

A lot of readers were pissed off by Jacob’s 2nd book, Treat Me, because of its GIANT cliffhanger. It’s one of my favorite cliffhangers of all time to be honest. Even better than the one at the end of Owen’s 1st book *cough Lindsey* and Owen’s 2nd book *cough kiss*. But then, I know how everything resolves, so I actually enjoy the cliffhangers. I just wish these books would write themselves sometimes. Writing is hard. Plotting is easy. 🙂

So I had a relatively easy time coming up with a bunch of songs for Jacob’s second playlist. I had to cull it down to five.

SR 08 Treat Me Cover

11. “Let You Down” by Seether

12. “Breathe” by Through Fire

13. “If Only for Now” by Pop Evil

14. “Would You Still Be There” by Of Mice and Men

15. “Judas” by Fozzy

Hope you’re enjoying your week. Don’t forget to preorder Treasure Me!

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