Sole Regret Playlists – Owen’s 2nd

We’re still counting down to the release of Treasure Me–Kellen and Dawn’s second installment. I think Dawn might be my favorite heroine. She has to be made of special stuff to deal with Kellen’s never-ending grief over his lost fiancee.

Today we have the playlist for Owen’s 2nd book, Thrill Me. I had a hard time figuring out where to end this particular book. I thought about ending with the news about Owen’s brother, but decided to go about ten minutes further, which shocked the hell out of everyone, so I guess I’m glad I went there. Kellen’s book goes on for a little bit after that cliffhanger and it’s also the LAST BOOK of “the weekend that never ends”. Except the weekend does finally end in the next book, Trust Me. No more overlapping! Resolution to the storylines. Finally. No one is more excited by that than I am. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep tabs on every character’s actions for an entire weekend through five books? If you’ve read them all, you might. *wink

I struggled with Owen’s playlist. I guess I could have included “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson. It is the most appropriate song for his storyline, but I did find five hard rock songs that fit.


16. “That Day” by Nonpoint

17. “We Don’t Have to Dance” by Andy Black (not sure if this song fits or if Andy seduced his way on here with his sexy as fuck voice. Probably the second option…)

18. “Closer to You” by Adelitas Way

19. “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch

20. “Unbreakable” by Of Mice and Men

Have a great weekend!

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