Hottie Hump Day 169

I had planned to post something extra special for 169–the number that’s like regular 69 except there’s a spectator 1 looking the other way. Guess he’s not Eric Sticks if he’s looking the other way. Ha! I crack myself up. Anyway, I was planning to post a fine group of hotties, but I woke up with a damned poison ivy rash on my right arm from wrist to armpit. My left arm’s rash is only from wrist to elbow. Ugh! I’m so sensitive to the stuff, I just have to be near it to break out in hives. That will teach me to pull three weeds (none of them poison ivy) down by my creek. That’ll teach me to ever leave my writing cave again.

Enough whining out of me. Here’s one lonely hottie. Hope you think he’s extra humpable.

HHD 169a