PreOrder Trust Me (Sole Regret #11)

Trust Me PreorderI’ve been working on getting this book up for preorder since last Friday. I’ve never had a preorder give me such fits. One problem after another. Sheesh! But the ebook is finally live on all the sites and with only a week to wait for the release! *wipes sweat from brow* It’s coming out next Friday, October 27th.

I can’t wait for lovers of the Sole Regret series to read Gabe’s happily-ever-after at long last. I think we all can use a lot of happy in our fiction when the real world is in such turmoil. So here’s one huge dose of happy heading your way. That doesn’t mean the book is drama free (I do love me some Sole Regret drama), but yeah, there’s so much happy here for our inventive drummer.

And now I get to bring on the happy for the rest of the guys too. After I finish installing the patio over the mud hole in front of my house, that is. What a mess! And I need to get it done before winter kicks in. I know I don’t talk about my real life much online, but I am quite the DIY gal. I bought a magnificent house that was built in 1980 and almost every inch of it needs updating. Can we say “black toilet” and “gold light fixtures” and “do you really need 75 zillion flower gardens on three acres”? No. No, you do not. Maybe I’ll start sharing my home improvement projects on the blog. Olivia’s DIY Catastrophes and Triumphs. At least that way you’ll know I’m still alive between book releases.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s what you actually came here for, I hope.

Preorder Trust Me here:


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Off to dig and level dirt so I can put down the gravel paver base before it rains Saturday night. I do not want to return to mud hole status again. Have a great weekend!