Hottie Hump Day 175

Both of my parents were in the hospital on Thanksgiving–and I fixed a delicious turkey dinner and brought it up to their shared room (so glad they got to room together)–so they could enjoy something better than hospital food on a holiday we usually spend together as a family. They’re on the mend now, and both are out of the hospital, but it made me think how thankful I am for…

Hot Super Heroes (that segue made no sense, but I had to get to the hotties, right?)

Yes, I’m one of those geeky women who loves superhero movies. Especially the ones with a lot of crass humor. So I was in geek heaven while watching Thor: Ragnorak at the theater recently. And I was especially grateful that there’s this scene where Thor is shirtless. I was wishing there was a rewind and pause button at the movie theater. Holy V, abs and pecs, Batman, that man is delicious.


Speaking of Batman… (There have been many, but I’ll take Christian Bale please.)


Recently, they somehow made Aqua Man hot. I never thought I’d see that happen. But then Jason Momoa could make ice hot.


And then there’s The Wolverine. (Hugh!)


And Star Lord. (I adore Chris Pratt. He’s just so damned lick-able. Likable. I meant likable. Freudian slip…)

star lord

Star lord 2

And Superman. (Henry Cavill. And HC as Clark Kent? *bites knuckles* I’m dead. Those glasses. Gah!)


And we can’t forget a shout out to one hot super villain, The Joker (Jared Leto version), though I’m not quite sure WHY he’s hot.


Oh yeah, it’s Jared Leto…Duh.

Anyway, I have a weakness for hot super heroes (and the occasion villain). I can’t seem to help myself. I’ve even thought about writing a series of romance books with my heroes having super powers as well as being super hot, but I doubt those books would sell. Of course, that’s what I was told about books with rock star heroes when Backstage Pass was released back in 2010.

So who is your favorite super hero, or are you anti-geek? Would you read a book with a super hero as the romantic lead? Why or why not?