Hottie Hump Day 176

We’re closing in on the end of 2017, and for me, it’s time to evaluate how I did with those New Year’s Resolutions I made back in January. The one where I said I’d write 8 books this year? HAHAHAHAHA! That was more than a bit ambitious. I did write and publish two books, but that’s nowhere near eight. Eight? What was I thinking? I will try to do better next year, but perhaps set my goal as three instead of eight. Maybe I can manage four. But eight?  Yeah, no. What was I thinking?

My second resolution was to lose weight and get in shape. Reading that, you already think I failed, right? Wrong! I’ve lost 55 pounds to date and am in excellent physical condition. I’m in better shape than I was in my twenties. Probably ever. I have the resting heart rate of an athlete and under all my remaining flab there is muscle. Hard, tone, strong muscle. You can’t really see it yet (because… flab…), but it’s there. I still need to lose about 35 more pounds, and that’s my goal for next year. I will prevail.

Losing weight and working out is hard. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Some weeks you eat like an anorexic rabbit and spend hours sweating at the gym only to find the number on the scale went up. WTF!!!!??? You want to give up and throw in the towel and eat pizza (God, you want pizza…), but somehow you pick yourself up out of that puddle of sweat and reach for that healthy-as-fuck salad, and tell yourself you are making progress. It’s slow. It’s frustrating. But it’s progress. Don’t give up. All that sweat will be for nothing if you give up now. You can do this! BTW, I’ve also become very good at self-motivation and positive thinking this year. Because if I hadn’t, I’d have ordered that pizza. Ordering pizza is way easier than working out.

So you might be wondering where are the hotties this week? Maybe you just came for hotties. You don’t give a rat’s left nut that I’ve lost weight and can now do push-ups.

That’s fair. The hotties are here. I just have a new appreciation for them. And not because they are suddenly sexier than they once were, but because I know how hard they work to look this good. Now if only I looked this good when I work out. Trust me, I do not. Not even close. Haha!

I give you hotties working out.

We’ll start with some good old fashioned calisthenics.

HHD 175a

Or maybe you prefer yoga on the beach?

HHD 175h

How about a vigorous bike ride? Or you can carry your bike around for increased upper body strength. Whatever floats your boat.

HHD 175e

Perhaps taking a jog with your pooch is more your style.

HHD 175i

Or maybe you’re a cat person. Work that pussy. Work it! My cat would scratch my eyes out if I attempted this…

HHD 175d

If you enjoy the water, you could take a swim. Or raise your heartrate just by looking at this smiling beach hottie.

HHD 175g

How about some jump rope? Or just jump his hot bod to burn those calories. Dayum!

HHD 175f

For strength training, grab some hand weights, a resistance tube, or this guy. I feel stronger already.

HHD 175c

There are even workouts that use tires. Must be affective. There’s no spare tire around this guy’s middle.

HHD 175b

Ah, now that’s motivating. I’m ready to hit the gym. How about you? Bring on the Burpees!

Have a happy hump day!