Hottie Hump Day 179

Baby, it’s cold outside. At least it is in Illinois. I hear Australia has recently experienced record heat, but I don’t see any sign of it around here. In fact, it’s been rather snowy in these parts (not Erie, Pennsylvania snowy, but there is white stuff on the ground), so I’ve been out hunting for hotties in the snow. I wasn’t sure I’d find any, but then… INTERNET.

Here we have a very brave man, who crosses his skis near his naked junk. I’m scared for him… That looks a bit too much like scissors for my comfort. One false move…

HHD 179c

I’d say carrying your skies this way while naked on the slopes is far safer, but uh… who does this? At least, put on a damned hat, sweet hottie. You’ll catch cold.

HHD 179b

Snowboarding is another option, but I have to wonder, why you’d try it with your drawers around your thighs. I don’t ask too many questions, though. Hotties have all sorts of hobbies. And this one is hot enough to melt glaciers. Beware of avalanches.

HHD 179d

Now, you see the danger of skiing in your underwear is that you might fall down in the snow. Luckily, he has some impressive upper body strength and a tight core. Holy hell, is that one tight core.

HHD 179e

Finally, we find a guy trying to keep his nips from cutting diamonds. And I definitely approve of the hat and gloves. Way to stay semi-clothed in the snow, hottie.

HHD 179a

And now for the only Snow, I truly adore…

HHD 179f

Stay warm (or cool for y’all down under), and hit the slopes. You just might find a naked hottie to make your temperature rise.

Have a happy hump day!