New Release! Treasure Me Trust Me

For those of you who’ve been waiting for the audiobook and/or paperback version of the two latest Sole Regret books (Treasure Me and Trust Me), both are now available! And if you didn’t pick up the ebooks when they were released separately, they’re available as a two-book bundle now.

Treasure Me Trust Me new release

Find your copies here:

Paperback on Amazon.

Audiobook on Amazon or Audible.

Kindle ebook on Amazon

ibooks for Apple

epub via Kobo

and for NOOK at B&N

I hope you enjoy my Sole Regret boys! I’ve put them through so much hell. Poor guys.

And for those readers who’ve been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the next Exodus End book, I finally finally FINALLY broke through my writer’s block on Staged. I probably just jinxed myself by announcing that publicly, but I’m so relieved that the words are starting to trickle out again. Hopefully, they’ll be flowing full-force soon, because that book is way overdue and I was so stuck for so long I was ready to throw in the towel. Sometimes a book and its characters need some time to percolate in my mind before they form into something tangable, something that feels real to me, into people I can write about without every word feeling or sounding forced. Staged has been the slowest of slow percolating brews. Let’s just hope the filter doesn’t get clogged again with real life bullshit. Hell, let’s just throw away the damned filter. This is an Olivia Cunning book. We don’t need no stinking filter!

Thanks for your patience with me. One day I’ll figure out how to be a “real” writer and never have to struggle to find the story, or wait for inspiration to strike. (Keep dreaming, Olivia. Keep dreaming…) As for the next Sinners novella… Something’s been trying to break through there as well. Maybe. *shifts eyes from side to side* False alarm.