Hottie Hump Day 183

I can’t believe a month has passed since I last posted hotties. It’s been a trying month for me to say the least. Mom in hospital for 10 days with pneumonia and exacerbated emphysema? Check. Me catching some evil respiratory death virus that hung on for two weeks so I couldn’t take care of Mom as well as I’d like? Check. Dad being taken to the hospital via ambulance soon after Mom was released? Check. Me deciding to move both parents to my house at least temporarily so I could better look after them and they’d be much closer to medical care? Check and check. So yeah. Not much hottie hunting (or humping) going on these days in Olivia Cunning’s real world.

A bit more going on in fiction land though, because I’m making excellent progress on Staged! WOOHOO!!!!

So I will try to update the blog when I have time, but I’m mostly focused on writing, and trying to workout and eat right so I don’t regain my hard-earned 70 pound weight-loss (junk food entered my house with my parents and I’m REALLY struggling to stick to a healthy diet while watching them grub on candy and cookies and chips and sweet rolls other weaknesses of mine), and taking care of the family in my now chaotic and overflowing home. Real life sucks! So read/write more fiction. Works for me.

So here is a hottie to tide you (and me) over until next time.

HHD 181a

Guess who watched Justice League last night? That would be me. Rawr!

Speaking of hotties.

I’ve been looking for a perfect muse for Steve Aimes, and this guy is as close as I’ve come to the picture in my head. What do we think? Does he look like a totally f*ckble metal drummer to you?

Steve 1


Steve 2

He definitely has the abs. I’ve never really pictured Steve bearded, but perhaps that needs to change!

Steve 3

Have a happy hump day!