Hottie Hump Day 185

I started this week looking for hotties with nice booties as a theme to go along with last week’s abs. And I got distracted by this guy’s back.

HHD 186

So I tried again, and was successful this time. That’s a seriously nice bootie.

HHD 186b

This one is also fantastic.

HHD 186c

Then I get distracted by this picture. Who reads in this position? Doesn’t look very relaxing. NOT that I’m complaining. He does have a very handy book kickstand. 😉

HHD 186d

Focus, Olivia. Focus. You can find nice booties without getting distracted.

HHD 186e

Well, I almost managed it, but this hottie was looking at me with those eyes, and I lost all track of booties.

Have a wonderful hump day!