Hottie Hump Day 188

I have to get an oil change and tire rotation tomorrow. You’re probably thinking “big deal”, but when you write spicy, spicy romance for a living, your mind has a way of turning even the most mundane daily task into something dirty.

My expectations for tomorrow include my oil change going something like this:

HHD 188a

with a little of this:

HHD 188b

and a lot of this:

HHD 188c

Then we move onto the tire rotation with this:

HHD 188e

and some of this:

HHD 188d

and end with this.

HHD 188f

Best trip to the car dealer ever! So that’s my expectation.

This is much more likely to be my reality:

auto mechanic with wheel

Wahn wahn wahhhhhn. 😦

Have a happy hump day!