Hottie Hump Day 189

I have been slacking on posting hotties. I have loads of excuses from my house air conditioner being on the fritz, to my well pump stopped working (which means I had no water), to I got a new kitten, to I’ve been writing more than usual (yay!), but we didn’t come here for excuses. We came here for hotties, am I right?

I  have a birthday coming up in August. It’s not a typical milestone birthday, but for some reason it’s become of paramount importance to me. Last year I made a commitment to reach a certain goal weight by this upcoming birthday (and I’m definitely going to make that goal if I can keep my carb cravings under control for the next 2 months), and I also decided I would get a tattoo. My first tattoo. So I’m equal parts excited and nervous. What if it ends up looking like crap? I still have no idea what design I’m going to get. I have decided I do want it on my back. I keep oscillating between getting something the size of a postage stamp and going all out with a full back tattoo. I’ll probably end up with something between the two extremes. So I’ve been looking online for inspiration. I was looking at feminine tattoos (honest), but somehow got sidetracked by these guys.

HHD 189a

Animal tattoos are always popular. I might consider a fox. They’re CUNNING. 😉 I do think I want something symmetrical that’s more concentrated on the upper back.

HHD 189b

Though I do like the asymmetry of this one, and also that it’s mostly black with just a hint of color.

HHD 189cI know tribal tattoos aren’t as popular as they used to be, but I do like how they tend to follow the contours of the underlying muscle structure. I don’t think I can pull one off myself.

HHD 189d

And then there’s… wait, how did that get in there? That’s not even a back.

HHD 189e

Here’s another fine example of… a shower. This tattoo is in the shower.

HHD 189f

And by this point, I’ve completely lost my focus.

Do you have any tattoos? If so, do you regret getting it? Any advice for a tattoo virgin (that would be me)?