Hottie Hump Day 190

I recently heard somewhere that men should not wear tank tops. I don’t even remember where I heard that statement, but still can’t figure out why that might be true, so I decided to do a little of my own research and try to figure out what’s wrong with men in tank tops.

Certainly nothing wrong with this guy in a tank top.

HHD 190a

Nope. No problems here either.

HHD 190c

Looking good in a tank top, mister.

HHD 190e

I mean if this guy really wants to take off his tank top, I won’t complain too much.

HHD 190b

Perhaps the naysayers would prefer the REVERSE tank top?

HHD 190d

But I honestly don’t see any problem with guys wearing tank tops. It looks perfectly natural to me.

HHD 190f

What do you think? Should men wear tank tops or not?

Have a happy hump day!

And thanks for all the advice on tattoos last week. I’m getting closer to making up my mind and based on your feedback will put more personal elements in the design than I was planning to originally. I’ve even been checking local artist portfolios. Haven’t found a good match yet. It seems I’m pretty picky. *smooches!*