Hottie Hump Day 191

Can you believe I’ve posted hotties 191 weeks? It’s getting more and more difficult for me to come up with reasonable themes. For instance, this weeks theme is hotties with birds. Say what?! I apologize. I was desperate.

So here we have a yummy bearded guy with some kind of yellow bird. *shrug

HHD 191a

This guy likes eagles so much, we are treated with front AND back views of the bird.

HHD 191b

You are looking at that magnificent bird, right?

HHD 191c

This hottie made friends with a raven. Or maybe he got a message from Winterfell that he should take off his shirt.

HHD 191d

Too much bird, not enough hottie in this next one.

HHD 191e

And as usual, I got distracted by some out of theme hotties. How do we feel about hotties that ARE birds? Well, angels, to be precise.

HHD 191f

Maybe I chose the wrong theme this week. I should have started with angels.

HHD 191g

Maybe I’ll come up with a better theme next week. Or maybe not… I guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Have a happy hump day!