Hottie Hump Day 192

This week I’m letting Google search decide which hotties we get to look at. The top image in each search is displayed. What do we think? Does Google have good taste?

Search for “sexy guy”.HHD 192a

Search for “hot guy”.

HHD 192b

Search for “hottie male”

hhd 192c.jpg

Search for “gorgeous guy”

HHD 192d

Search for “muscular hunk”

HHD 192e.jpg

Damn, look at those feet. You know what they say about guys with big feet. It hurts more when they kick you. 😉

So how did Google do? Are we satisfied with these choices?

Have a happy hump day. And thanks Google for being you. I bet the top images change regularly. I’ll have to try this again sometime as an experiment.