Hottie Hump Day 193

As I create new leading male characters for readers to enjoy, I’m always faced with one particularly difficult decision regarding his development. Does he wear boxers or briefs or something else? As a reader (or someone with opinions), what’s your preference?

Do you prefer loose-fitting boxer shorts?

HHD 193d

Tight boxer briefs?

HHD 193a

Bikini briefs?

HHD 193b

Or do you prefer the banana sling aka teeny bikini look?

HHD 193c

Or maybe you’re fine with the standard tighty whities?

HHD 193f

Of course, the character could always go commando.

HHD 193e

Do you have a male underwear preference? Inquiring erotic romance authors want to know. It just occurred to me that I get to count this informal survey as research. I have the best job on the planet!

Hope you have a happy hump day!