Hottie Hump Day 194

Last week, I asked what kind of underwear you prefer a man to wear. And the overwhelming majority chose boxer briefs. So this week we’re celebrating all the colors of the rainbow in boxer briefs. Because it’s Wednesday, that’s why.

We have red,

HHD 194a


HHD 194b


HHD 194c


HHD 194d.jpg


HHD 194g.jpg


HHD 194f.jpg

and purple.

HHD 194i.jpg

And we might as well check out black

HHD 194h.jpg

and white while we’re at it.

HHD 194j.jpg

So what’s your favorite color this week?

Have a happy hump day.

And for those of you who prefer the commando look, you’re going to have to find your own pics for that. 😉