Hottie Hump Day 196

It’s a fine day to go sailing. I assume. I don’t know much about sailing, and my current novella takes place on a sailboat, so I’ve been researching jibs, sheets, starboard vs port sides, booms, and large erect masts. It’s all very interesting and time consuming. I’m not sure how much of it will actually end up in the story, but decided to share a bit of my research with you.

Here’s a sailor holding his shroud. (That’s what she said.) At least, I think that’s a shroud. It might be a stay or a bridle. *squints at picture looking for labels

HHD 196a

Here is a sailor sitting at the bow on the deck. (I know I got that right! A+)

HHD 196b

This sailor has his hand on the jib sail. I think. Urgh! I think I need private lessons. From him.

HHD 196c

It’s hard to know for sure, but I think this mighty fine sailor is sitting near the stern and facing starboard. If so, I deserve a cookie. If not, I plead ignorance.

HHD 196d

And this sailor is in the pulpit. Perhaps. It’s true that the devil is in the details. More research is obviously required before I get this right.

HHD 196e

I must say, that lesson was far more inspirational than youtube videos on proper knot tying…

Have a happy hump day.

Anyone here know anything about sailing? I live in Illinois. It’s not a common pastime in these here landlocked parts. Ahoy! Maybe I should write about a honeymoon in a cow pasture instead. Sooooo romantic. *sigh*