Hottie Hump Day 197

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a very happy Wednesday for me because I got orange-flagged on Amazon! Thanks to everyone who made Staged a best seller on its first day out in the world. Steve would let you choose from three thoughtful gifts for helping make his creator happy. And that reward will make a lot more sense after you’ve read his book.

Staged best seller

I know hump day is all about hotties, and that’s a pretty hot pic, if you ask me, but I think we should enjoy a different kind of Exodus End hotness.

Let’s start with the hero of Staged. Steve Aimes. Cocky, generous, wildly romantic with the right woman Steve Aimes.

I actually have two inspirations for Steve, and I keep oscillating back and forth between the them.

When I first started the series, Steve Aimes was this guy to a T. It’s the hair and the eyes. Perfectly Steve.

HHD 198a

HHD 198b

And the body and the attitude are spot on Steve too. Steve’s known as Mr. Abs for a reason. *bites fist*

Not sure why but since I’ve been writing about Steve more, he’s morphed into this guy. Probably because I wanted an excuse to look at him often. Haha! He looks like some hot as fuck rock star drummer to me. Maybe I should use him as the inspiration for the side character Jack Tanner—another hot af drummer you’ll meet in Staged.

Steve 1

We’ll call Steve the incredibly changing hottie or a mighty morphing power drummer.

The next Exodus End book I write will be Dare’s. This is my Dare, all gorgeous and introspective and intense. …sigh…

HHD 198c

He can finger my strings and keep me in bed as much as he wants.

HHD 198d

What are you thinking about, Dare? You’re always lost in thought.

The final book in the Exodus End series will be about Max. I still haven’t nailed him. And that’s depressing. What I meant to say is that I still haven’t nailed his look down. This guy is close.

HHD 198e

But this, this is how Max looks at you when he wants you.

Max inspiration

Or when I want him.

Now we’ve already had Logan’s book (Insider), but we can’t forget our fun-loving bassist just because he’s so 2015.

HHD 198f.jpg

Mmm. Logan…

HHD 198g.jpg

We should probably include Reagan, even if she is the temporary guitarist. She did get her own book (Outsider) after all.

HHD 198h

Yep, I always think of Avril Lavigne when I write about Reagan. Reagan’s hair is short, but yep, that’s Trey’s girl. And Ethan’s. LUCKY!!!

Now we just have to get all these gorgeous people together for an Exodus End photo shoot. I think we need a band photo.

Hope you have a happy hump day!

*subliminal message… go buy Staged… end subliminal message*