Staged Playlist Part 3

I’ve got five more songs for the Staged playlist today. You might have thought I forgot about finishing this, but I’ve been busy editing Sed’s honeymoon novella, Lost in Paradise (coming in January), and writing the next Sole Regret novella, Love Me (shooting for a March release). I’ve also been shoveling snow, and cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and having my car pulled out of a snow drift, and other life stuff. Lots of life stuff. Anyway, I’m taking a short break from ALL THE STUFF to finish off this playlist. I hope you enjoy it.

If you missed the first two parts of the playlist they can be found here (Staged Playlist Part 1) and here (Staged Playlist Part 2).

The next song on the list is for Roux’s band, Baroquen. The band name is a play on the word ‘broken’, so I had to include From Ashes to New’s recent single “Broken”. It’s perfect for Roux and her talented sisters. All of them have been through so much, but don’t let their pasts define them.

11) From Ashes To New — Broken

The next song has been a favorite of mine for years. Roux is Steve’s savior because she let’s him be himself. This encourages him to find, and become, the man he truly is and wants to be. Her unshakable belief in his goodness is exactly what he needed to grow and flourish. He didn’t need saving. He just needed someone to love him as he is. And don’t we all need that?

12) Rise Against – Savior

The next song is one for Roux. She doesn’t let her past stop her from moving forward and reaching for the stars. She’s a fighter, but she also knows how to compromise. I hope you enjoy reading about her as much as I enjoyed writing her. I have a bit of a girl crush on her.

13) Unstoppable – Motionless in White

Since this is the Exodus End series, we should take a moment to revisit the other band members’ themes. The first book in the series, Insider, was about Logan and his theme is “Adrenaline”. He and Steve still have a great time together, but they’ve both matured a lot. Logan will forever be an adrenaline junkie though.

14) Adrenaline – Shinedown

Logan’s theme

Our last song today revisits Reagan’s theme. Outsider, Book 2 in the series, was the second half of her complicated love story with Trey (from Sinners) and Ethan. She bonds with the ladies of Baroquen in Staged. I do believe it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And I still love that Amaranthe has one female and two male singers. So perfect for a menage couple. 🙂 When I listen to this song, I like to think of the sweet male voice as belonging to Trey and the growly one belonging to Ethan.

15) Drop Dead Cynical – Amaranthe

Reagan’s theme

We still have five more songs to add to the Staged playlist. Hopefully, it doesn’t snow another foot or I don’t have to call roadside assistance or other STUFF doesn’t get in the way of my best laid plans. Heh. I said “laid”.

Have a great week! And if you still haven’t discovered Staged, it’s available here:  AmazonB&NKoboApple

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