Staged Playlist Part 4

Here are the final five songs for the Staged Playlist. I hope you enjoy them!

My favorite Asking Alexandria song is “Alone in a Room” (and it will probably show up on a playlist in the future). But since I have a fire theme going on here, this one fits Staged better. The “Into the Fire” video is a bit disturbing near the end, and a waste of perfectly good muscle car, but this song rocks.

16) Into the Fire — Asking Alexandria

Love this one by Atreyu. They’re one of the best bands out there for rock anthems. They always get me pumped up.

17) The Time is Now — Atreyu


This song was my anthem for 2017 and 2018, when I lost 80 pounds and worked out 6 or 7 days a week. It kept me digging deep. And now that I’ve seen the video and drooled all over my keyboard, it has to be on this playlist. Here’s “Don’t Stop” by Nothing More accompanied by some very nice abs and a great motivational message. I actually prefer the version of this song without Jacoby Shaddix (though I love Jacoby in Papa Roach). Sorry, not sorry.

18) Don’t Stop — Nothing More

The last two songs our the themes for the last two Exodus End members. Dare’s book is up next, and his theme is:

19) Torn to Pieces — Pop Evil

And last but not least (both book and on the playlist) is Max and his theme

20) Coming for the Crown — Otherwise

I hope you enjoyed the playlist! Have a great weekend!