Sole Regret: Love Me update

logoI can’t believe it’s April already. I know I promised you a Sole Regret book in March, and I was holding my breath that I’d be able to pull it off, but it’s going to be a few more days. (Yes, days.) Love Me is almost ready to publish. It’s currently with my editor.

I finished writing it in February, and I thought it was AWESOME and that I’d have no problem releasing it in time, but my beta readers disagreed. They thought it was missing something, so I did a lot of rewriting, and now they think the book is AWESOME too. I don’t ever want to release a book that’s not ready or half-assed, and the original just wasn’t up to snuff. So as soon as my editor is finished with the newer, more awesome version of Love Me, it will be released. I am not sitting on it because I’m evil. I know you want to know who the baby daddy is, so while we wait for my editor to make the book sparkle, let’s take a little informal poll. I’m really curious if you all have already figured out who the daddy is or if you’re going to be completely surprised. If you’ve read the last book, Trust Me, you can already rule out two of these choices, but I added all the potential daddies for completeness.

I do apologize for the delay. I’m more excited/eager to get this book published than anyone. I’ll be back soon when the book goes on sale.