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11 days until Sed is rock hard in your hands! Wait… A lot of people ask me which real-life band Sinners is based on. Probably so they can drool over them. Sign me… Continue reading

Say What Now?

12 days until Rock Hard! Yesterday, I worked on writing this: That’s the final cover, btw. I got sick of working on the cover and figured I should, you know, write the damned… Continue reading

Naughty Author

I was supposed to write all day yesterday, but I was naughty (and not in a good way). I wrote maybe one sentence. The cursor just sat there blinking at me. Write. Write.… Continue reading

Backstage Pass Nominated for Book of the Year in Two Categories!

Twenty-something (four?) days until Rock Hard’s release… yeah, yeah, now on to the exciting stuff… I was informed yesterday that Backstage Pass has been nominated for Contemporary Erotic Romance Book of the Year… Continue reading

Epilogues Update

25 days until the release of Rock Hard… I don’t know who all voted on the Sinners Extra Content Poll, but it is pretty obvious that most of you wanted Sinners Epilogues. With… Continue reading

New Blog!

28 days until Rock Hard hits shelves and e-readers. I started a new blog Sinners Excerpts so it’s easier to find all the chapters and excerpts I have posted all over the place.… Continue reading


I should update my blog more than once a month… What’s going on in the world of Sinners? 40 days until Rock Hard is released! I have received three reviews so far. All… Continue reading

Backstage Pass – The Playlist

I’ve had a few readers mention that I should compile a playlist of songs for Backstage Pass.  I often hear songs that remind me of the book, or the characters, or their situations,… Continue reading

Hilarity or Stupidity?

So today, I’m suffering through a day of faculty in-service meetings (IMO, there is no worse torture on the planet. If I were a spy, I’d break under the threat of one of these, much… Continue reading

Just a Little Update

I’ve had a busy month, believe it or not. First thing, I did away with my “News” page on my website. It’s too much of a hassle to update it and was looking… Continue reading