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My First Rock Star Crush

9 days until you can take Sed to bed with you. Into the bath with you. On the sofa. The porch swing. Or wherever you read. I had the shittiest day at work… Continue reading

Sed Showed Up for an Interviewed Today

Two more weeks! Well, until the e-book is released. A launch date countdown feels sort of lame when so many people already have the trade paperback version of the book. But I will… Continue reading

Sinners Official Website Updated

15 days until the official release of Rock Hard! So, I updated Sinners’ Official Website last night. I hope I didn’t give away any spoilers on the homepage. I tried to be careful… Continue reading

Author Copies!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday. Well, not the ARC copy. I’ve had that for months. This picture really doesn’t do the book justice. It’s gorgeous. I also got some author… Continue reading

Rock Hard’s Cover Flat & Quote Answers

21 days! I just got this on Tuesday, so thought I’d share. You can see what the back cover looks like, too! It’s also time to reveal who said what. The majority got… Continue reading

Which member of Sinners said this?

27 days! Pop quiz time! I thought it might be fun to play a guessing game. The following quotes are from Rock Hard. Can you guess which member of the band said each… Continue reading

New Blog!

28 days until Rock Hard hits shelves and e-readers. I started a new blog Sinners Excerpts so it’s easier to find all the chapters and excerpts I have posted all over the place.… Continue reading

They Get Around

31 days until Rock Hard’s official release. YES!  The launch date countdown starts today. As many of you know, my publisher changed the cover of Rock Hard to more fit with other covers seen… Continue reading


I should update my blog more than once a month… What’s going on in the world of Sinners? 40 days until Rock Hard is released! I have received three reviews so far. All… Continue reading

Backstage Pass – The Playlist

I’ve had a few readers mention that I should compile a playlist of songs for Backstage Pass.  I often hear songs that remind me of the book, or the characters, or their situations,… Continue reading