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2 Nights Until Outsider Releases

I feel Trey has been a little left out as we countdown to Outsider’s release, so tonight we have an excerpt from the naughty cherry-loving imp with the pierced tongue. ♥♦♥♦♥ From Outsider,… Continue reading

10 Nights Until Outsider Releases

Only 10 more nights until Outsider is yours. This evening we have a sneak preview. An excerpt in Ethan’s POV. Hope you enjoy it! ♥♦♥♦♥ From Outsider, Chapter One by Olivia Cunning ©2016 ETHAN… Continue reading

Excerpt 3: Sinners at the Altar

So I’m still editing this incredibly lengthy book. It’s taking me forever… I’m working on Sed’s wedding story, Patience, and I got a kick out of this scene, so I thought I’d share… Continue reading

Excerpt 2: Sinners at the Altar

Doing final edits of Sweet Love of Mine today. That’s Eric and Rebekah’s story in Sinners at the Altar. These two are just so cute together, I thought I’d take a break from agonizing… Continue reading

Excerpt 1: Sinners at the Altar

I’m editing and thought you could use a little Sinners tease. Because if I have to read this scene one more time… From Appetite for Seduction (included in Sinners at the Altar): Myrna… Continue reading

3 Nights Until Tell Me

I really meant to do a continuous countdown for Tell Me‘s impending release, but I’ve been swamped. (as usual…) Like seriously. Can I get a day off? Just one? Pretty please? So I… Continue reading

4 Nights Until Wicked Beat

So how about a random excerpt? Works for me. ♥♥♥ Eric found Jon in a dressing room playing a drinking game with the vocalist and drummer of the opening band, Kickstart. “Eric!” Jon… Continue reading

8 Nights Until Wicked Beat

I just posted the first chapter of Wicked Beat. Check it out! Wicked Beat – Chapter One I hope you enjoy it! Only 8 more nights until you can read the entire thing!… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day – A Sneak Peek at Tie Me

Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve been busy unpacking. I’m finally almost settled into my new place. There are still pictures to hang and the garage to organize (what a mess!), but I thought I’d… Continue reading

11 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Another song for the playlist. From Jace to Aggie. Cold Hard Bitch – Jet Now, you’ll soon learn that Aggie isn’t the cold, hard bitch she pretends to be. Especially where Jace is… Continue reading