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Hottie Hump Day 41

It’s hump day again! I feel the need for some gorgeous ink this week. I hope you don’t mind me indulging myself.   And musicians with tattoos. Hummina. And I don’t know who… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 40

Thank God it’s Hump Day!     No theme this week. Just eye candy. Have a great day!  

Hottie Hump Day 39

It’s hump day again. Time to get your hump on. Okay, depending on your place of employment, these are probably NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!! They’re so close to X-rated, we’ll call them W-rated.… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 38

Heather was so kind as to send me these hotties! Mmmm (this is my second husband. I’ve decided to become a polygamist.), Mmmm (a good candidate for Gabe of Sole Regret), Mmmm. I… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 37

Tasha heard my plea for new hotties, and as usual, she surpassed all expectations. Prepare the drool bibs. We have another theme. Do we see something these pics have in common? I claim… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 36

This hump day we’re playing peek-a-boo. I see you. Yeah, that’s all I got this week. Isn’t that enough? No? Are you sure? Alrighty then. Have a great hump day!

Hottie Hump Day 35

Rock star hotties, just like I promised on Monday. 🙂 And then a special surprise at the end, but take your time getting there. First the group photo. It’s My Darkest Days if… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 34

Happy Wednesday. Hope it’s humpy! This week it’s all about one hottie. Because some hotties are just that good. This is Ryan Guzman.   I could look at him all day. So I… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 33

Happy Hump Day. Thanks to Labor Day, Wednesday seems early this week. Not sure if there’s a theme this week. If you can come up with one, I’m okay with that. 🙂 I’m… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 32

Happy Hump Day! The humpiest, hottest day of the week. We’ll try another theme this week. What do you think these five hotties have in common? Don’t decide yet. You need more. More!… Continue reading