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Excerpt 4: Sinners at the Altar

I’m finally finished editing and formatting and uploading Sinners at the Altar. I am exhausted. Now we wait… But at least we don’t have to wait long. Only 4 more days! Sinners at… Continue reading

Excerpt 3: Sinners at the Altar

So I’m still editing this incredibly lengthy book. It’s taking me forever… I’m working on Sed’s wedding story, Patience, and I got a kick out of this scene, so I thought I’d share… Continue reading

Excerpt 2: Sinners at the Altar

Doing final edits of Sweet Love of Mine today. That’s Eric and Rebekah’s story in Sinners at the Altar. These two are just so cute together, I thought I’d take a break from agonizing… Continue reading

3 Nights Until Tell Me

I really meant to do a continuous countdown for Tell Me‘s impending release, but I’ve been swamped. (as usual…) Like seriously. Can I get a day off? Just one? Pretty please? So I… Continue reading

7 Nights until Tell Me


1 Night Until Wicked Beat

We’ve almost made it! Just a few more hours. I hope you enjoy it! Here’s a word-poem to keep you entertained while you wait. WICKED BEAT poem <– click to read it

2 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Only two more nights until Wicked Beat! And I have the final song for the official playlist. Everlong by Foo Fighters And can I just say that is a weird video? Love the… Continue reading

3 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Doesn’t seem possible that there are only 3 more nights left. Almost done with the playlist. Just a few more songs. Here’s Wicked Beat‘s theme song. The High Road by Three Days Grace… Continue reading

4 Nights Until Wicked Beat

So how about a random excerpt? Works for me. ♥♥♥ Eric found Jon in a dressing room playing a drinking game with the vocalist and drummer of the opening band, Kickstart. “Eric!” Jon… Continue reading

5 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Wow, time sure is flying! A few things going on today around the interwebs pertaining to Wicked Beat. First stop in my blog tour: Delphina Reads to Much Win an ebook copy of… Continue reading