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2 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Only two more nights until Wicked Beat! And I have the final song for the official playlist. Everlong by Foo Fighters And can I just say that is a weird video? Love the… Continue reading

3 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Doesn’t seem possible that there are only 3 more nights left. Almost done with the playlist. Just a few more songs. Here’s Wicked Beat‘s theme song. The High Road by Three Days Grace… Continue reading

4 Nights Until Wicked Beat

So how about a random excerpt? Works for me. ♥♥♥ Eric found Jon in a dressing room playing a drinking game with the vocalist and drummer of the opening band, Kickstart. “Eric!” Jon… Continue reading

5 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Wow, time sure is flying! A few things going on today around the interwebs pertaining to Wicked Beat. First stop in my blog tour: Delphina Reads to Much Win an ebook copy of… Continue reading

6 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Six more nights! I’m planning to have a huge Wicked Beat celebration giveaway, but all the stuff I ordered isn’t here yet. Bummer. 😦 No, it isn’t because I’m a procrastinator and waited… Continue reading

7 Nights Until Wicked Beat

One more week! YAY! A couple more songs for the playlist. You KNEW this song would be on there, right? I Get Off by Halestorm What Ya Gonna Do by Hinder So how… Continue reading

8 Nights Until Wicked Beat

I just posted the first chapter of Wicked Beat. Check it out! Wicked Beat – Chapter One I hope you enjoy it! Only 8 more nights until you can read the entire thing!… Continue reading

9 Nights Until Wicked Beat

We’re in the single digits! Two more songs off Wicked Beat’s official playlist. Odd One by Sick Puppies Perfect Life by Red Hope you had a great weekend!

10 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Tonight Trey finally got around to posting the first entries in the Wicked Beat preorder contest. You know the one where you can win a $150 gift card to Ticket Master? So far… Continue reading

11 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Tonight’s song is on Wicked Beat’s playlist because the book is dedicated to my all time favorite drummer, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. I still get choked up every time hear this song. So… Continue reading