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12 Nights Until Wicked Beat

A couple more songs for Wicked Beat’s official playlist. Move Like a Sinner by What Now Trenches by Pop Evil Only 12 more nights until Wicked Beat!

13 Nights Until Wicked Beat

The countdown continues! Tonight I have a couple of songs for the Wicked Beat playlist. Eric’s theme song: Head Against the Wall by Anew Revolution has been on all the playlists, but here… Continue reading

2 Nights Until Hot Ticket

2 more nights until Hot Ticket. I have a terrible headache tonight, so this will be short and sweet. Two more songs for the official playlist. Bad Girlfriend – Theory of a Deadman… Continue reading

3 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 3 more nights. Woohoo! I need to finalize the playlist. So far we have: Remember Everything – Five Finger Death Punch Lost in You – Three Days Grace Clairvoyant Disease – Avenged… Continue reading

4 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Several people have reported finding Hot Ticket on the shelves of bookstores already and others received their B&N order in the mail, but for those of you holding out for the ebook version it’s only… Continue reading

5 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 5 days left. Woo hoo! I ran across this on Facebook today (*waves at Janeane*). I had to laugh.   So what do we think? Is the bass player an important member… Continue reading

6 Nights Until Hot Ticket and It’s Hottie Hump Day!

Less than a week to go! I got my audiobook version of Rock Hard in the mail today. Sweet! It looks lovely next to my audiobook version of Backstage Pass. Did you come… Continue reading

7 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Wow, how did it get to be so late! We only have a week to go until Hot Ticket is released. How about a hottie on a motorcycle to celebrate?

8 Nights Until Hot Ticket

It’s Monday. And there are only 8 more days until Hot Ticket is released. Since it’s Music Monday I’ll share Jace’s theme song, which has been on every Sinners’ playlist. Pain by Three… Continue reading

9 Nights Until Hot Ticket

We’re down to single digits! WOOT! I guess I better get working on my blog tour posts. Next song for the Hot Ticket playlist. Evans Blue – Erase My Scars This song is… Continue reading