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10 Nights Until Hot Ticket

  I always regret doing these countdown things once I start them because I run out of things to say. So all I’ve got to titillate you tonight is this. Are you titillated? Just checking… I… Continue reading

11 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Another song for the playlist. From Jace to Aggie. Cold Hard Bitch – Jet Now, you’ll soon learn that Aggie isn’t the cold, hard bitch she pretends to be. Especially where Jace is… Continue reading

12 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 12 more nights until Hot Ticket is released. Reviews are starting to circulate. *deer in  headlight look* Something like this O-O So I always wonder if people actually read the dedications at… Continue reading

13 Nights Until Hot Ticket and It’s Hottie Hump Day!

13 more nights until Hot Ticket. I’ve been writing most of the day, so how about some hotties that I find rather inspiring?       Okay, that should be sufficient inspiration. I hope you… Continue reading

14 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Two more weeks! YES! You might have heard that I recently went on a cruise. Well, it’s time to bore you with some vacation pictures and learn why it’s never a good idea… Continue reading

15 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 15 nights until Hot Ticket! Every Sinners’ playlist needs an Avenged Sevenfold song. Here’s the one on Jace’s playlist. Clairvoyant Disease And since it’s Music Monday, how about a few more of… Continue reading

16 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 16 more nights until Hot Ticket is released! Tonight I have a couple of songs I’ve already mentioned will be on Hot Ticket’s playlist. First is Zero – Smashing Pumpkins. Wanna go… Continue reading

17 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 17 more nights until Hot Ticket! I’m still working on the playlist. This is Aggie’s love song to Jace. Awww, it’s so sweet. Three Days Grace – Lost in You Did you… Continue reading

18 Nights Until Hot Ticket

18 more nights until Hot Ticket‘s official release. Another song for the Official Playlist tonight. This is Five Finger Death Punch – Remember Everything I don’t want to give away too many spoilers… Continue reading

19 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 19 more nights until Hot Ticket is officially released. Woohoo! I got a lot of writing on Touch Me done today. I’m finally getting used to this full-time writer gig. I also… Continue reading