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Yesterday Was Awesome!

There are days in your life that you think: I should circle this date on my calendar; I doubt I’ll ever top it. I had a day like that yesterday. And today is… Continue reading

Final Cover – Loving on Borrowed Time

You know what? I’m done. And I’m happy with the final result. Here is the FINAL cover for Loving on Borrowed Time. I’m not messing with it again. (Except to convert it to… Continue reading

Hmmmm…. I Don’t Know

After continuing with the 10,000 word sex scene in Trey’s book (which still isn’t finished), I worked on my cover again. I’ve decided to change the title. If I can get this cover… Continue reading

Playing With Cover Art – In Time

I still need to do some clean up, but I’ve been playing with the cover for In Time and thought you might like to see it. Hopefully, the concept makes sense. They travel… Continue reading

Check Out My HAWT New Word Count Progress Widgets

Look over there —-> In the right-hand margin. Scroll down under the book covers and author links. I’ve got something new. Shiny! Four Word Count Progress Widgets. Now you’ll know when I’ve been… Continue reading