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Would You Numb the Pain

It’s Music Monday again. Already. Arianna suggested this song for Jace’s playlist. It’s kind of scary how appropriate this song is for him. And uncanny how fans can pick up on so much… Continue reading

Someday I Might Stay Sober

Happy Monday! Two words that should never be used in tandem… Except when it’s Music Monday. Brooke sent me a whole list of great songs. Thanks, Brooke! I can tell we have the… Continue reading

I Thank You Very Much For Listening

This should get the blood pumping on a Monday. If you don’t already know, this is Volbeat, a Danish band. I love their riffs. They make my girly parts tingle. Carrie suggested this… Continue reading

The Time Has Come To Take It Off

This Music Monday is completely dedicated to an amazing Nebraskan band called Emphatic. This proves I’m not the only person in this corn-husking state who rocks. I saw the band in concert about… Continue reading

What Do You Want to Put in Trey’s Mouth?

Christy suggested these two Nickelback songs. The first, Trying Not to Love You, for Sed and Jessica. So maybe I need to amend Rock Hard’s official playlist. Or write more books. 🙂 This… Continue reading

Cold Hard Bitch

Jace’s heroine, Aggie, is a tough-as-nails dominatrix. Welllllll, she is until Jace comes into her life. He brings out the sweet sub in her. 😉 Sorta… I was planning to use Jet’s Cold… Continue reading

We’re Gonna Laugh at this One Day

Today’s Music Monday offering is “Odd One” by Sick Puppies. Loved them in concert! When I need to feel chill, they’re my go-to band. This video is so sweet. *tear* I was going… Continue reading

I Had A Thousand Girls or Maybe More

This Monday we have a high energy song that will probably go on Trey’s official play list. This is Next to You by The Offspring. I know, it’s not very metal (more punk rock), but… Continue reading

You’re So Naive

It’s Music Monday again. I LOVE this song. I can’t stop listening to it. Is it going on a playlist? It doesn’t really fit any of my plots. I think I’m going to… Continue reading

Never Knew What Love Could Be Like

This one was suggested by Heather. I’m so glad she suggested this song to me. I’ve heard several of Adelitas Way songs, but not this one. It’s perfect for Double Time‘s playlist. The… Continue reading