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Research in Vegas

Here’s a great reason to set parts of your novel in Las Vegas: research.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.  All the web research in the world can’t replace… Continue reading

Mega Makeover Spectacular

This winter has been rough for me.    I don’t tolerate cold well.  It’s been bitterly cold all winter.  No breaks from the cold.  Not even one day.    I despise snow.  Mostly because it’s… Continue reading

My First Book Cover!

Just wanted to show off my book cover for Backstage Pass.  It won’t be released until October 1, 2010, but seeing the cover almost makes it feel like a real book. I think the… Continue reading

Backstage Pass Available for Preorder!

I wondered when it would finally “sink in”.  The whole getting published thing. Getting the call was exciting and overwhelming, but it didn’t feel like all this exciting stuff was really happening to me. … Continue reading

Getting “The Call”

I think every aspiring author dreams about how they will respond when they get “the call” – the call that converts them from aspiring author to debut author. Well, after years and years… Continue reading