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I Has A Happy!

I just found out that Backstage Pass won the Readers’ Crown award for Best First Book and Best Long Erotic Romance! Anyone planning on going to the RomCon Conference in August? Because I’m… Continue reading

What’s Up?

Just a couple of quick announcements, because it’s summer and I’m in writing mode. Who has time to blog when you’re writing sex scenes with Trey Mills in them? Not me! When I… Continue reading

The Question of Brand Dilution

If you’re following along, you know I’ve decided to self-publish some of other books. Books not about Sinners. Loving on Borrowed Time was actually written before I wrote Backstage Pass, so it’s kind of… Continue reading

About that tattoo…

First off, Loving on Borrowed Time is now available on Amazon Kindle and on AllRomanceEbooks and it’s still on Smashwords. Yay! I’ve been looking at tattoos on the internet, instead of writing. *bad… Continue reading

Yesterday Was Awesome!

There are days in your life that you think: I should circle this date on my calendar; I doubt I’ll ever top it. I had a day like that yesterday. And today is… Continue reading

Out Visiting!

If you’re wondering where in the hell I’ve wandered off to in recent days, I’m teaching a summer class and conducting job interviews for a couple of openings in our department, so I’ll… Continue reading

The Rock Star Treatment

Last weekend I had a great time at my book-signing. Village Books in Columbia, Missouri knows how to treat an author like a rock star. Best seat in the house. Wanna win a… Continue reading

A Full Writing Day Today!

I’m so excited. Today I get to write! I know what you’re thinking. You’re an author. Don’t you write all the time? I wish I could say I do, but as someone who… Continue reading

Tomorrow Is the Big Day!

One more day until Rock Hard is officially released! In celebration, I’ll share a new-to-me band, Bad City. They sound very “eighties” and their singer is too adorable for words (though I think… Continue reading

Murphy’s Law

2 days! Yesterday was Tuesday. I know that’s a strange announcement to make, but Tuesdays are the WORST day of the week for me. Here’s a sample of my schedule on Tuesdays. 6:30… Continue reading