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3 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Doesn’t seem possible that there are only 3 more nights left. Almost done with the playlist. Just a few more songs. Here’s Wicked Beat‘s theme song. The High Road by Three Days Grace… Continue reading

5 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Wow, time sure is flying! A few things going on today around the interwebs pertaining to Wicked Beat. First stop in my blog tour: Delphina Reads to Much Win an ebook copy of… Continue reading

6 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Six more nights! I’m planning to have a huge Wicked Beat celebration giveaway, but all the stuff I ordered isn’t here yet. Bummer. 😦 No, it isn’t because I’m a procrastinator and waited… Continue reading

7 Nights Until Wicked Beat

One more week! YAY! A couple more songs for the playlist. You KNEW this song would be on there, right? I Get Off by Halestorm What Ya Gonna Do by Hinder So how… Continue reading

9 Nights Until Wicked Beat

We’re in the single digits! Two more songs off Wicked Beat’s official playlist. Odd One by Sick Puppies Perfect Life by Red Hope you had a great weekend!

11 Nights Until Wicked Beat

Tonight’s song is on Wicked Beat’s playlist because the book is dedicated to my all time favorite drummer, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. I still get choked up every time hear this song. So… Continue reading

12 Nights Until Wicked Beat

A couple more songs for Wicked Beat’s official playlist. Move Like a Sinner by What Now Trenches by Pop Evil Only 12 more nights until Wicked Beat!

13 Nights Until Wicked Beat

The countdown continues! Tonight I have a couple of songs for the Wicked Beat playlist. Eric’s theme song: Head Against the Wall by Anew Revolution has been on all the playlists, but here… Continue reading

Sole Regret Official Playlists – Final

Sorry I took a two-week break from the playlists. My parents stayed with me for a week, and then I was busy getting Tie Me ready to publish, but I didn’t forget. They’re… Continue reading

Sole Regret Playlists Round Four

I did a whole lot of writing last week and am almost finished with Tie Me. I should finish the first draft either today or tomorrow, so I’ve set a tentative release date… Continue reading