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15 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 15 nights until Hot Ticket! Every Sinners’ playlist needs an Avenged Sevenfold song. Here’s the one on Jace’s playlist. Clairvoyant Disease And since it’s Music Monday, how about a few more of… Continue reading

16 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 16 more nights until Hot Ticket is released! Tonight I have a couple of songs I’ve already mentioned will be on Hot Ticket’s playlist. First is Zero – Smashing Pumpkins. Wanna go… Continue reading

17 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 17 more nights until Hot Ticket! I’m still working on the playlist. This is Aggie’s love song to Jace. Awww, it’s so sweet. Three Days Grace – Lost in You Did you… Continue reading

19 Nights Until Hot Ticket

Only 19 more nights until Hot Ticket is officially released. Woohoo! I got a lot of writing on Touch Me done today. I’m finally getting used to this full-time writer gig. I also… Continue reading

I’m a Lover, I’m a Sinner

I got this song stuck in my head on Friday and I cannot get it out. HELP! Not that it’s a bad song. It’s a great song. I love the riff so, so… Continue reading

I’ll Run Away with You

Happy Monday! Anyone else have to work today? Just me? I’m very much looking forward to a few extra days off next week for Thanksgiving. Since it’s Monday, I need music! Trapt isn’t… Continue reading

1 Night Until Double Time

It’s almost here! Tomorrow is the big day. And it’s Monday so we need music. I think I finally have Double Time’s official playlist complete. Are you ready for this? Twenty-one songs of… Continue reading

8 Nights Until Double Time

Eight more nights until Trey shares his cherry sucker with you! WOOT! We’ve had another sighting of Double Time on sale early. Christy found it at her local Barnes and Noble! I need… Continue reading

20 Nights Until Double Time

The countdown continues. 20 nights left. We’re almost in the teens! Tonight I have another song for Double Time‘s playlist. This song is from Ethan to Trey the first time they meet. (It’s… Continue reading

22 Nights Until Double Time

Happy Monday! Another one for the playlist. Adelitas Way – Alive I need some good music today! This is Trey’s song to Reagan. And we have 22 nights until Double Time.