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24 Nights Until Double Time

I am so not focused on Double Time‘s release this weekend. I apologize. I’m completely swamped with both of my full time jobs–the writing one and the day job. I just finished Take… Continue reading

26 Nights Until Double Time

Still counting down the nights until Double Time’s official release. 26 to go! I’m still working on Double Time’s Official Playlist. So far we have: The Waiting One by All That Remains …Wanna… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 16

Heather has finished Trey’s graphic to complete her series of Sinners inspired banners! Sweet! And who could possibly make Wednesday more hot and humpie than Trey Mills? Ethan, perhaps? That Reagan is a… Continue reading

The Time Has Come To Take It Off

This Music Monday is completely dedicated to an amazing Nebraskan band called Emphatic. This proves I’m not the only person in this corn-husking state who rocks. I saw the band in concert about… Continue reading

Sneak Peek – Double Time’s Cover

This isn’t the final version, but since Double Time is now available for preorder on Amazon SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of the cover. Is it hot or what? Official… Continue reading

My SCHWEEET Valentine’s Day Surprise

Look what I got in the mail today! It was a complete surprise! This is the Spanish translation version of Backstage Pass. Isn’t it schweeeet!? I’ve been trying to get my hands on… Continue reading

I’m Living Life with No Regrets

This week’s song is What Ya Gonna Do by Hinder. This one has been on the radio a lot recently, so if you listen to rock stations, you’ve probably heard it. I love… Continue reading

I Love the Way You Smack My Ass

Lisa suggested Puddle of Mudd’s Control for a certain Sinners’ playlist. This is another example of a fan reading my mind. The song is a couple of years old, but still great. And if… Continue reading

I Don’t Think That You’re Ready for Reality

A fan recommended this song for one of the Sinners’ playlists and I couldn’t agree more. It really captures his character. This is Darker Side of Me by The Veer Union. Love. This.… Continue reading

Sinners in Spain

My first ever foreign language release hits the shelves in Spain today. I’m so excited! Pecadores (which means Sinners–yeah, I had to ask…) is the Spanish translation of Backstage Pass. The cover is… Continue reading