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Double Time’s Release Date

We’ve waited patiently for this day. A release date for the 5th (erm, 3rd?) Sinners on Tour book. Trey’s book, tentatively called Double Time will be released November 1, 2012. I probably shouldn’t… Continue reading

Rock Hard Nominated for Two Bookie Awards and About That Next Sinners’ Book…

I’m excited to report that Rock Hard has been nominated for two Bookie awards. Woot! The award is sponsored by Authors After Dark, which I must attend one of the years. I’ve heard… Continue reading

Why Trey Mills Needs a Spanking…

We all know Trey is naughty–that’s a good enough reason to spank him–but he’s also the most selfish and stubborn character I’ve ever written. He knows what he wants and can not be deterred.… Continue reading

Behind Sinners’ Ink

I have a guest post today where each of the guys tells the story behind one of their tattoos. With the exception of Jace, who as you know doesn’t like to talk about… Continue reading

Sed Needs Your Love

He’ll show you his dimples. These ones… You know he’s not the kind of guy to ask for a favor lightly, but he’d appreciate if you’d vote for him in the Summer’s Hottest… Continue reading

What’s Up?

Just a couple of quick announcements, because it’s summer and I’m in writing mode. Who has time to blog when you’re writing sex scenes with Trey Mills in them? Not me! When I… Continue reading

Rock Hard’s Official Playlist

Finally! I finished the Rock Hard playlist. Rock Hard’s theme song is… I’m Not Strong Enough – Apocalyptica The entire playlist is available as a PDF file, so you can print it out… Continue reading

Check Out My HAWT New Word Count Progress Widgets

Look over there —-> In the right-hand margin. Scroll down under the book covers and author links. I’ve got something new. Shiny! Four Word Count Progress Widgets. Now you’ll know when I’ve been… Continue reading

Out Visiting!

If you’re wondering where in the hell I’ve wandered off to in recent days, I’m teaching a summer class and conducting job interviews for a couple of openings in our department, so I’ll… Continue reading

Oh Yeah, I’ll Take Some of That…

The fabulous Sinners fangirl, Heather, has done it again. Another Sinners-inspired graphic for your viewing pleasure. This time it’s Jace. And I don’t know about you, but I’d like to lick him from… Continue reading