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Sole Regret Official Playlists – Final

Sorry I took a two-week break from the playlists. My parents stayed with me for a week, and then I was busy getting Tie Me ready to publish, but I didn’t forget. They’re… Continue reading

Tie Me Available Now!

Are you ready to fall in love with Kellen Jamison? His heart is tied to his past… When Sole Regret’s rhythm guitarist, Kellen Jamison, vowed to be faithful to his fiancée and love… Continue reading

Tie Me blurb

I’m not sure why writing blurbs is so difficult. How do you convey the feel of an entire book, without giving away spoilers, in less than two hundred words? I did my best.… Continue reading

Sole Regret Playlists Round Three

Happy Monday! Five more songs for the Sole Regret playlists. It’s round three! Try Me (Gabe & Melanie) 1. I Get It by Chevelle 2. When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000 3. What… Continue reading

Sole Regret Playlists Round Two

It’s round two of our Sole Regret playlists. Try Me (Gabe and Melanie) 1. I Get It by Chevelle 2. When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000 3. TBD 4. TBD 5. TBD Tempt… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day – A Sneak Peek at Tie Me

Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve been busy unpacking. I’m finally almost settled into my new place. There are still pictures to hang and the garage to organize (what a mess!), but I thought I’d… Continue reading

Sole Regret Playlists Round One

As I reported last week, I finally broke down and subscribed to Sirius radio. Last Tuesday (after less than two weeks!), my speaker dock stopped working. I haven’t replaced it yet, but I… Continue reading

The Pain Has Left a Hole in Which My Heart Should’ve Been

Happy Monday! I’m going to try to be better about keeping up with Music Mondays. I finally broke down and got SiriusXM radio. I’ve been listening to Octane, which plays music I like… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 52-ish

So while I was distracting you with the Hot Ticket release countdown, I’ve been secretly plotting to make you salivate over the next Sole Regret book, Touch Me,  which is coming along swimmingly,… Continue reading

9 Nights Until Double Time

Nine more nights! Squeeee! I need your opinion on something not related to Double Time. I need help deciding on a cover for Tie Me, book 5 in the Sole Regret series. I… Continue reading